Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women’s Fashion: What it Really Takes

Things women consider when choosing what to wear: Brand - Color - Style.

When you open your closet, have you ever felt like you do not have anything to wear even if you have a lot of clothes in front of you? It is the nature of women to stay for a couple of minutes in front of the mirror staring at the dress she’s wearing. Eventually she’ll decide to change, once, twice or she can even go more than three times.

So what do we really need to consider? It's not just about how much you spent to buy the dress, but it's about how much it reflects your fashion taste and personality. It's not about what color, but it's about the mood you’re into. It's not about the style but it's about what you want and who you really are.

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A pair of slippers bought in the market can’t be appreciated by a rich kid who can buy all the branded shoes she wants, but for a normal woman, it would be expensive pair which she will have to use carefully to prolong the slipper’s use.

Fashion accessories such as earrings or necklaces, although some of us think they'd get allergies if they try to wear one, she will see those fashion jewelries as diamonds she could wear for any formal occasions.

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An old bag that starts to fade will be something to call junk for some girls but for the girls from the rural areas who uses a rope to keep their things intact while walking on their way to school will feel delighted if that so called “junk” will be handed to them. Not so many girls around the world does not have the best fashion they can have not because they do not appreciate nice clothes but because they are not capable of having one.

Therefore, the youth today should know how to be contented of what they have. Instead of buying lots of new clothes annually that are too much in number to be with the new trend, instead of buying new pairs of shoes each month because you found something nicer in the stores, instead of purchasing new bags because they look attractive, why not change your perspective on things?

You can still be on trend without spending much, or without having too much clothes. You’re shoes can still look nice for a long time if you know how to take care of them and the bags you have will look more attractive to you, if it really reflects your personality.

There is this quote from Yves Saint-Laurent that goes like this: “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”. Therefore, no matter what brand, what color or what style of clothes you have, if you’re not happy in what you have and what you are then it's useless.


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