Friday, 29 November 2013

Fashion Trouble? Believe in You

Believing in you is the key to everything. You have to trust your own thoughts, your own judgement and your own skills. It doesn’t matter if everyone doesn't agree with you, you can't please everyone.

From small decisions like what would you wear for the day or choosing between flats or hills will be difficult because you can't think straight if it's appropriate or you just don't feel wearing it. Whatever happens you'll just have to believe in yourself and carry it normally so won't be bothered by someone's critics or opinion.

Having our own power to decide or having our own style doesn’t mean we can do whatever we like. Of course there are occasions or events you have to consider; like, you won't wear something red in a funeral. You won't wear too sexy clothes when going to church or wear something sleeveless when it's too cold. Sometimes you also have to consider feelings of other people even you know you can't please them, like in real life situations. You can't just make someone believe what you’re saying by being 'the most persuasive' and make them end up feeling fooled because you have doubts about that person's ability or personality. Never persuade someone if you don't believe in the on first place. Remember, everybody has their limits.

Even the straightest tree bends when it storms it's also similar with strong people not being taken cared of or being played with, the strength they have weakens and you will not have the right to question them why. People can change because of the pain they’ve been through. Sometimes it makes them want to let go of things that cause the pain they feel inside.

Believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice that tells you what’s right and what’s wrong. The things that happened to you might affect the way you judge things. Being hurt doesn’t have to end anything. It doesn’t have to end your freedom to be happy forever. But it's still up to you. Yes being betrayed before might give you a lasting effect, it might put your self esteem down causing you to push away new people that enters your life. And at the end of the day, you might end up having regrets because what you once had in your hands doesn’t exist anymore. When you lose things, sometimes you’ll never have them back so don’t let the fear inside you cover all the happiness you have in the present.

Let all the things in the past be there to serve as a reminder. Not because she did hurt you means that every other girl will. You might not know, the person you did not trust is the person who is willing to stay with you forever.


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