Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Women’s fashion: Before and after

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There is a very big difference between the women before and the women today. The way they talk with others has changed, the way they deal with problems has also changed, the way they are accepted in the society and the fashion of today is very much different to what it is before. But does it really measure the value of women?

Yes there are a lot of changes and indifference's. We saw various effects with these changes. Women before thinks before they talk, respect comes first. Calm and gentle. But women in today's generation speaks most of foul languages. Before, men take charge of almost everything. Their opinions are much more important than those of what women has to say, however, things has changed and women are more capable of out-powering men's opinion. They are more capable of handling certain circumstances, they are more capable of dealing with emotions. On the previous years, women are considered lower than men. Discrimination was very evident, different from what it is today. Women have proven their worth, proving that  they can do better than men. Lastly, the way women dress also changed. It can clearly be seen in the style of the clothes they wear. Today, ladies tend to show more skin and less of their body is covered, this is often called as being liberated.  Compared before, during the old times, women are modestly dressed. If only they could cover their whole body, they would. Well it is reasonable that we don’t wear the oh so “conservative” clothes any more in today’s generation but I can’t find the reason of wearing something that makes you look less respectable. So nowadays, you would see more and more women dress differently. If you want to be respected, respect yourself. Do not make men feel that you want to be disrespected or fooled around. For example, you’re wearing short shorts and a see through top and you’re walking on the street. Of course you would catch lots of attention specially attention of the opposite sex and you cannot avoid the situation that they will try to catch your attention also by fooling around.

Therefore, true value of women is not defined by either she’s from the past or present if she’s rich or poor, if she is pretty or not because at the end of the day, it is still up to her on how she will protect that dignity she has, how she will to everyone that she’s worth respecting and that she respects herself, lastly, how she would prove to everyone her worth and show them that even if she’s a lady, she can make good things and make a change in the community. 


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