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Fashion: Colors That Defines You

Achromatic Colors are the colors with no hue. These are safe and basic colors that does not go off fashion – black, white, grey and all the tone in between that spectrum. Though brown is a shade of the hue flame, it is still considered as an achromatic color as.

Most basic items in world of fashion are in this group – your favorite plain tee, little dress, custom suit, leather belt, khaki pants. or so on. Find out what colors does shows your personality the most.


Mini Black Dress
photo credits to: tumbler.com

Black is the most basic and standard color in fashion, the colour that goes with everything. People who prefer wearing black clothes shows simplicity, solidity, and formality. It also signifies sophistication, power, and authority. Some fashionistas uses it to trick others eyes as it is a visually slimming color.


photo credits to: paoyoo.com

White is a positive color that represents purity, cleanliness, and goodness. It is also known for coolness, simplicity, and softness. Since it is a basic color in fashion, adding the right colors through shoes and other accessories is essential to pull off the look that you want to achieve.


Grey Suit
photo credits to: socialitelife.com

Gray is a neutral and balance color that shows emotionless, conservative, and sophisticated. It is a moody color and sometimes associated with depression. Depending on the contrast, light gray may look more feminine and the dark gray is for the masculine. Grey clothes may look boring for the others, however there are ways how to make it more appealing.


Brown Khaki Pants
photo credits to: details.com


Brown is a natural color that implies strength and reliability. Although sometimes it is considered as a dull color, it also represents simplicity, warmth, and honesty. Brown is the "new neutral" along with black and white in the fashion industry and design.


Basic chromatic colors including the primary colors red and blue have also their own representation. A variation of both chromatic and achromatic colors can break solidity of a certain base color and also enhance power and dominance.

However, in fashion, it does not always fall that way all the time. Your personal taste, style, and instinct are your best friends. Choosing on what would be the best style, color for your attire and how it will look like it the public depends on you.

The world is your runway and you are the judge of your own show, it's always been you.


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