Friday, 29 November 2013

Fashion Trouble? Believe in You

Believing in you is the key to everything. You have to trust your own thoughts, your own judgement and your own skills. It doesn’t matter if everyone doesn't agree with you, you can't please everyone.

From small decisions like what would you wear for the day or choosing between flats or hills will be difficult because you can't think straight if it's appropriate or you just don't feel wearing it. Whatever happens you'll just have to believe in yourself and carry it normally so won't be bothered by someone's critics or opinion.

Having our own power to decide or having our own style doesn’t mean we can do whatever we like. Of course there are occasions or events you have to consider; like, you won't wear something red in a funeral. You won't wear too sexy clothes when going to church or wear something sleeveless when it's too cold. Sometimes you also have to consider feelings of other people even you know you can't please them, like in real life situations. You can't just make someone believe what you’re saying by being 'the most persuasive' and make them end up feeling fooled because you have doubts about that person's ability or personality. Never persuade someone if you don't believe in the on first place. Remember, everybody has their limits.

Even the straightest tree bends when it storms it's also similar with strong people not being taken cared of or being played with, the strength they have weakens and you will not have the right to question them why. People can change because of the pain they’ve been through. Sometimes it makes them want to let go of things that cause the pain they feel inside.

Believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice that tells you what’s right and what’s wrong. The things that happened to you might affect the way you judge things. Being hurt doesn’t have to end anything. It doesn’t have to end your freedom to be happy forever. But it's still up to you. Yes being betrayed before might give you a lasting effect, it might put your self esteem down causing you to push away new people that enters your life. And at the end of the day, you might end up having regrets because what you once had in your hands doesn’t exist anymore. When you lose things, sometimes you’ll never have them back so don’t let the fear inside you cover all the happiness you have in the present.

Let all the things in the past be there to serve as a reminder. Not because she did hurt you means that every other girl will. You might not know, the person you did not trust is the person who is willing to stay with you forever.
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Women’s fashion: Before and after

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There is a very big difference between the women before and the women today. The way they talk with others has changed, the way they deal with problems has also changed, the way they are accepted in the society and the fashion of today is very much different to what it is before. But does it really measure the value of women?

Yes there are a lot of changes and indifference's. We saw various effects with these changes. Women before thinks before they talk, respect comes first. Calm and gentle. But women in today's generation speaks most of foul languages. Before, men take charge of almost everything. Their opinions are much more important than those of what women has to say, however, things has changed and women are more capable of out-powering men's opinion. They are more capable of handling certain circumstances, they are more capable of dealing with emotions. On the previous years, women are considered lower than men. Discrimination was very evident, different from what it is today. Women have proven their worth, proving that  they can do better than men. Lastly, the way women dress also changed. It can clearly be seen in the style of the clothes they wear. Today, ladies tend to show more skin and less of their body is covered, this is often called as being liberated.  Compared before, during the old times, women are modestly dressed. If only they could cover their whole body, they would. Well it is reasonable that we don’t wear the oh so “conservative” clothes any more in today’s generation but I can’t find the reason of wearing something that makes you look less respectable. So nowadays, you would see more and more women dress differently. If you want to be respected, respect yourself. Do not make men feel that you want to be disrespected or fooled around. For example, you’re wearing short shorts and a see through top and you’re walking on the street. Of course you would catch lots of attention specially attention of the opposite sex and you cannot avoid the situation that they will try to catch your attention also by fooling around.

Therefore, true value of women is not defined by either she’s from the past or present if she’s rich or poor, if she is pretty or not because at the end of the day, it is still up to her on how she will protect that dignity she has, how she will to everyone that she’s worth respecting and that she respects herself, lastly, how she would prove to everyone her worth and show them that even if she’s a lady, she can make good things and make a change in the community. 
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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women’s Fashion: What it Really Takes

Things women consider when choosing what to wear: Brand - Color - Style.

When you open your closet, have you ever felt like you do not have anything to wear even if you have a lot of clothes in front of you? It is the nature of women to stay for a couple of minutes in front of the mirror staring at the dress she’s wearing. Eventually she’ll decide to change, once, twice or she can even go more than three times.

So what do we really need to consider? It's not just about how much you spent to buy the dress, but it's about how much it reflects your fashion taste and personality. It's not about what color, but it's about the mood you’re into. It's not about the style but it's about what you want and who you really are.

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A pair of slippers bought in the market can’t be appreciated by a rich kid who can buy all the branded shoes she wants, but for a normal woman, it would be expensive pair which she will have to use carefully to prolong the slipper’s use.

Fashion accessories such as earrings or necklaces, although some of us think they'd get allergies if they try to wear one, she will see those fashion jewelries as diamonds she could wear for any formal occasions.

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An old bag that starts to fade will be something to call junk for some girls but for the girls from the rural areas who uses a rope to keep their things intact while walking on their way to school will feel delighted if that so called “junk” will be handed to them. Not so many girls around the world does not have the best fashion they can have not because they do not appreciate nice clothes but because they are not capable of having one.

Therefore, the youth today should know how to be contented of what they have. Instead of buying lots of new clothes annually that are too much in number to be with the new trend, instead of buying new pairs of shoes each month because you found something nicer in the stores, instead of purchasing new bags because they look attractive, why not change your perspective on things?

You can still be on trend without spending much, or without having too much clothes. You’re shoes can still look nice for a long time if you know how to take care of them and the bags you have will look more attractive to you, if it really reflects your personality.

There is this quote from Yves Saint-Laurent that goes like this: “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”. Therefore, no matter what brand, what color or what style of clothes you have, if you’re not happy in what you have and what you are then it's useless.
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