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4 Easy Ways How to Look Taller for Women

There are stuffs we wanted to change as much as we like but we cannot do a thing about it – height is one of the best cases for it.

Have you experienced the feeling of being jealous because some of the fashion style you wanted to try would only look good on someone that is tall? Most petite women already felt it and it’s a serious handicap for petite fashionistas.

Even if you can’t do a thing about your height, your best option is to fake it using smart move to make you look taller. With some research and interviews (I just asked some of my friends about their opinion) here are 4 easy ways to make you look taller without using any science method or magic.

Take Advantage of Vertical Stripes

It may be the oldest trick you already knew. Vertical stripes will make you look thinner and taller while the horizontal stripes will make you look broader it’s because of the visual effect Helmholtz illusion, Van Watham already proved this.

Vertical Stripes Dress
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Top Knot will do the job

Just by pilling your hair on the top of your head will make it more vertical and will give you a taller look. Yes, it’s almost the same concept above. Not only will you look taller, it will also add up a few inches! Well, It's not bad to try something new about your hair.

Top Knot
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Stay Away from Big Bags

Match up your accessories according to your body size especially for petite women since it’s always better. Visualize the scenario – you can figure it out that huge shoulder bag will make you look at the width and it will reduce your focus on the amount of height. Smaller body bags, small top-handle totes, or clutches could be your new best friend.

Shoulder Bag
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Flattering Skinny Belts

Short girls should always pick out skinny belts than super-thick belt. Not only it will cause you to appear shorter it will also help define your natural waist. Isn't that hot?

Skinny Belt
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Actually there are a lot of tricks to make you look taller, these 4 were the one I used the most and appear effective. I’m no perfect in fashion industry but I have my own style that I believe in.

Hope you girls enjoyed and somehow helped you from my first post.  Your comments, suggestions, and recommendations are highly appreciated.♥
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