Friday, 11 April 2014

Women's Fashion: Business Suits

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A review of history will disclose how far women had traveled to reach its place in the working world. Despite that, women continue to pursue their advocacy of equality with men in the workplace. This cause is shared by all women transcending race, culture and country.

Women’s business suits are a testimony to the quest on progress. Indirectly, this shows the women’s efforts to claim their equal right to work side by side with the men of the world. In recognition for their effort, Hiras Fashion offers bespoke business suits for both men and women.

To retain their feminine qualities while maintaining a professional look, women’s business suits should be crease-free, comfortable and functional. Hiras Fashion addresses this need with thousands of imported fabrics showing thread count. This indicates how many threads are woven in the cloth per square inch.

Hiras Fashion allows women to select from a wide array of luxurious materials having a thread count from 100 to 160. This is to ensure that the material is soft and durable. It is also perfect for women as soft cloth allows good colour and shape when worn. A comfortable and chic business suit will enhance work productivity as well.

Furthermore, ensuring clothes durability would surely help in saving cost and time for the working women in the long run. Thus, advises are also given to clients on how to preserve their bespoke suits further. This is of great value to women of today as most of them are mothers too.

Let’s face it. Business suits are investments. It is, therefore, imperative that career women and men know how to take good care of them. Now, how do we ensure an equitable return of investment on business suits? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:
  • Hand-wash and hang to dry your business suits. Contrary to popular practice, business suits should only be dry cleaned twice a year. Frequent exposure to high temperature and chemicals, common to dry cleaning, will increase wear and tear of business suits. It may also expose clothing to a higher chance of being stained during the dry cleaning process.
  • Maintain at least three business suits. Daily usage of a suit would definitely deteriorate its quality. To allow time for laundry and monotony, have at least three assorted business suits in your wardrobe. You may also mix match your business suits by acquiring extra shirts and trousers. Keep a choice of accessories to match your business suits to add an extra glow in your old suits.
  • Use mild or bleach-free soaps in washing your business suits. Harsh cleaners can damage colour of clothing and, more so, when frequently done. It would be best that a little research be made on the proper cleaning requirement of the fabric. Using starch on clothes is also discouraged. To attain a wrinkle-free look, it would be best to steam iron business suits manually. Wooden hangers are also recommended in hanging business suits.
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Online Shopping: The Overview

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Technological breakthroughs gave way to revolutionary changes in education, commerce and communication. Aiming to provide more efficient and effective ways to attain various company goals, e-shopping or online shopping became a reality. The 20th century will always be remembered as the time when procurements may be done through a computer or a mobile phone.

Online shopping is a form of commerce makes it possible for consumers to purchase services and goods from a seller. This electronic process involves logging in the internet using a web browser. On the other hand, m-commerce or mobile commerce refers to acquisitions from an online seller’s cell phone optimized virtual site.

An online shop is the virtual world’s counterpart for visiting a particular store physically in a mall. An end user purchase process is called (B2C) business-to-consumer connected shopping. When a business entity buys from another business, which is a normal business practice nowadays, the process is called (B2B) business-to-business online shopping.

Virtual commerce opened a gateway for new and wider markets. This started in 1979 as an invention of an English businessman, Michael Aldrich. In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser which became operational in 1991. Since then, subsequent scientific innovations began to further support online shopping.

The 21st century is marked by availability of various products and services online. From pizza, coffee, household appliances to a wedding dress, business conditions had greatly improved. Items which were traditionally made available only to certain countries and localities are now reaching faraway places.

Even the design of the traditional wedding dress had evolvedto fit chosen marriage venues and themes. Consequently, competition is stiffer in the world today encouraging better products and services at highly competitive prices. As this particular mode of shopping is famous for its convenience, it had proven itself a great cost and time saver.

Convenience is experienced from item shopping, payment and delivery. Financial institutions and freight companies had come up with joint ventures promoting online shopping. Even shopping methods, such as shopping cart system, are emerging to further enhance virtual shopping.

Milestones in one’s life need not take so much time to prepare for. With a click, all things needed to make an event a successful one can be canvassed online. Even the once upon a time expensive wedding dress may now be a sale item for a patient web searcher. Online shopping, therefore, is one of the best inventions of all time!
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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wedding Day: Buying the Wedding Suit Online

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Weddings are milestones in the life of the person. Foremost of all, deciding to get married is like standing in the middle of a crossroad. Trying to take a glimpse of where the road is leading, extra caution is observed knowing there is no turning back. And this is more dramatic for countries where no divorce is allowed!

Having decided on which way to go, traditional customs and practices need to be executed. Then the preparations commence as the person continues on his daily business in life. The funny thing is he finds himself in the middle of a circus! His soon-to-be partner and her family, including his own family, take active part in the preparation.

Planning will require a long list of things to do and agree on. To accomplish all of this, time, money and determination are needed. In certain occasions, some amount of creativity and ingenuity will be required. Days and nights will be longer than usual,and may be a bit weary, with the necessary arrangements with the:

  • church,
  • invitation cards,
  • flowers,
  • accommodation of immediate family members of both the groom and the bride,
  • photography and video coverage,
  • music and the singer or choir,
  • clothes of the entourage,
  • reception food and venue,
  • wedding ring and cake,
  • wedding suits,
  • honeymoon, and,
  • All other wedding stuff.

So as to lessen the pressure, bespoke suits online can be such great help! Wedding suits of the male entourage can surely be accommodated. Unfortunately, they have no wedding gowns to complete the wedding package. Thus, the ladies may just have to source out their couturier for the event.

Purchasing bespoke suits online will definitely make adherence to the motif easy. With some advice from the bride’s couturier, the perfect complementing wedding suits can readily be achieved. Time, effort and cost saved in the process can give respite to the expected anxiety brought forth by the event.

Hence, the bride and the groom can savour the joy of finally making their dreams come true. This will enable them to truly look forward to the day, not just to be done with it, but to find comfort and solace with each other. Now they know where they are headed for. It does not matter if the road be a bit bumpy. What matters is they have each other and the love they share will make everything just fine.

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Monday, 31 March 2014

Women's Clothing Style Timeline

The need for clothing started as early as the creation of mankind. As depicted in ancient paintings and sculpture, the first form of clothing were plant leaves and tree barks. Its purpose was just to cover the sexual part of both sexes. Come to think of it, clothing is a basic need that arises as soon as a person is born.

multi layered suit
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Through the years, mankind learned to weave fabrics. Women’s style in clothing gradually evolved to consist of a long flowing gown to consume the textile made in rolls. So, one roll or bundle of material is made into one gown for a woman. It would have been such a disgrace to wear a gown and see another woman wearing the same fabric as the one worn!

The style in women’s clothing changed again with the need for warm clothes. Lavish materials were changed into multi-layered clothing with petticoats and apron. The years of elegance had diminished and women need to work in their homes. As technological developments were lacking then, clothes were created, not just to cover their body, but also to keep them warm.

Business suit
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The industrial revolution ushered another change in the style of women’s clothing. Bringing forth electronic developments, women shifted to functional clothing. This era also marked the fight of women for equality at the workplace. Business suits, jeans and tee-shirts are now available for the women to wear.

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Tee-shirts are now made with or without collar, without sleeves or with short or long sleeves, and with descriptions if for men or women. Furthermore, it opened the gateway to the introduction of various colours and designs to fit each possible conceivable occasion. Materials also have evolved from thin flimsy cloth to thick leather material.

Functionality gave birth to comfort. With the unisex clothing, tee-shirts are now massed produced and sold on all retail stores all over the world. Breaking barriers, women’s style had included those which were traditionally acceptable only for men. Consequently, men’s clothing style also enjoyed, with certain limitations, the same privilege.

A certain degree of balance now exists in the purpose of clothing. Thus, style in women’s clothing is now dependent on the lady’s preference, budget and convenience. As availability and variety of accessories increased, a simple style can be made into an original creation. Indeed, it is now a thrill to watch future style changes in women’s clothing!
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