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Online Shopping: The Overview

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Technological breakthroughs gave way to revolutionary changes in education, commerce and communication. Aiming to provide more efficient and effective ways to attain various company goals, e-shopping or online shopping became a reality. The 20th century will always be remembered as the time when procurements may be done through a computer or a mobile phone.

Online shopping is a form of commerce makes it possible for consumers to purchase services and goods from a seller. This electronic process involves logging in the internet using a web browser. On the other hand, m-commerce or mobile commerce refers to acquisitions from an online seller’s cell phone optimized virtual site.

An online shop is the virtual world’s counterpart for visiting a particular store physically in a mall. An end user purchase process is called (B2C) business-to-consumer connected shopping. When a business entity buys from another business, which is a normal business practice nowadays, the process is called (B2B) business-to-business online shopping.

Virtual commerce opened a gateway for new and wider markets. This started in 1979 as an invention of an English businessman, Michael Aldrich. In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser which became operational in 1991. Since then, subsequent scientific innovations began to further support online shopping.

The 21st century is marked by availability of various products and services online. From pizza, coffee, household appliances to a wedding dress, business conditions had greatly improved. Items which were traditionally made available only to certain countries and localities are now reaching faraway places.

Even the design of the traditional wedding dress had evolvedto fit chosen marriage venues and themes. Consequently, competition is stiffer in the world today encouraging better products and services at highly competitive prices. As this particular mode of shopping is famous for its convenience, it had proven itself a great cost and time saver.

Convenience is experienced from item shopping, payment and delivery. Financial institutions and freight companies had come up with joint ventures promoting online shopping. Even shopping methods, such as shopping cart system, are emerging to further enhance virtual shopping.

Milestones in one’s life need not take so much time to prepare for. With a click, all things needed to make an event a successful one can be canvassed online. Even the once upon a time expensive wedding dress may now be a sale item for a patient web searcher. Online shopping, therefore, is one of the best inventions of all time!


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